How to reverse a stupid Hampton Bay fan

How to reverse a stupid Hampton Bay fan

Here's the documentation on how to reverse the direction of this stupid Hampton Bay fan.

The stupid Hampton Bay fan

With this stupid remote.

The stupid Hampton Bay remote

Notice that there is no reverse button. There is also no reverse switch on the fan itself. Either of these would have solved the problem right away, but they do not exist.


To perform the reversal process, you'll need a tiny Philips-head screwdriver.

Open up the remote

To begin, remove the battery cover and the battery.

Remove the stupid battery cover and stupid battery

Remove the tiny screw from beneath the battery compartment.

Remove the stupid tiny screw

Danerougly pry open the remote with a paring knife to reveal the circuit board. Next, slide the battery back into the little conductive bits, which are now just sort of hanging out. No one is really sure if this process works when the fan is turned off, so go make sure the switch it turned on, then push one of the three speed buttons.

Send a reverse signal

Take your screwdriver and press it to these two points. Right here. Like this.

Sending a reverse signal from this stupid remote

You should hear a "click" inside your fan. That's it responding to the reverse signal.

You know, the one that your fan was seemingly unable to do. You know, because of the lack of button on the remote and the lack of switch on the fan.

Your fan should now be turning the right way. Or the left way, depending on what it was going in the first place. Either way, you should be happy.


Oh, you're not happy? You want to understand why?


Remove these two screws, on the top-right and bottom-left corners of the circuit board.

The stupid top-right screw
The stupid back-left screw

Remove the circuit board from the case. Note that the rubber piece has a fifth hole in it, but there's no button attached to the circuit board there.

The stupid rubber thing in the remote


Remove the rubber piece and take a closer look at the circuit board where that empty hole is.

The stupid reverse on the stupid circuit board

Surprise! There's the reverse! We decided to sell a remote that does have reverse logic, and can send a reverse signal to the fan, and the fan will respond that reverse signal, but we actively chose to remove the button. We just assumed that if there's no button, there's no way for the fan to get reversed in the first place. No feature, no problem.