Take a peek at some selected technical content projects. Copywriting, content design, product marketing, and more.


Website copywriting

I helped the founder of this Detroit, Mich.-based SaaS startup identify the real value of his product, then crafted copywriting that resonates with the pains of the target audience—PR professionals who want to create impeccable experiences for the journalists they're pitching—to inspire sign-ups from high-value prospects.


Technical writing White papers

I worked with the IBM Streams external relations, product, and engineering teams to identify key value propositions and produce technical content for CTOs and data science professionals. We even got their biggest customer, Verizon, to cough up details on how they use streaming analytics to make call centers more enjoyable.


Content design Technical writing Website copywriting Product marketing

I was a director-level technical writer and copywriter for this infrastructure monitoring startup between 2019 and 2021. My primary responsibility was the strategy and execution of technical content designed to attract an ideal audience of DevOps engineers and turn them into champions of Netdata's solution by making them incredibly successful at their job. I produced hundreds of pieces of documentation, blog content, product copywriting, and more.

SSD Nodes

Website copywriting Content strategy & writing Technical writing

As the first marketing hire for SSD Nodes, I played an integral role in their copywriting and content strategy between 2017 and 2019. Major wins include growing the SSD Nodes blog by 3194.12% in just eight months and doubling year-over-year sales on Black Friday with an impactful landing page that translated technical jargon into I need that upgrade right now value to existing customers.

Athens Research

Website copywriting

I worked with Athens Research to profile their ideal customer, then wrote copy and built a small marketing website that eases installation and inspires product champions at high-value enterprises to get on a sales call.


Content writing

I worked as a staff writer covering artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, streaming analytics, and more.


Technical writing eBooks

I collaborated with the Opentext team on the go-to-market (GTM) strategy for their latest product, Magellan, a flexible artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics platform. I then created rich technical assets designed to attract CTOs and IT team leadership and begin enterprise sales motions.