I write fables and fairy tales. I love strangeness.

I'm working on a novel titled What Stills Never Survives. Here is some very query letter-friendly copy.

In WHAT STILLS NEVER SURVIVES, Grey watches dolphins turn into light, deer denature into puddles, albatross get stuck in flight, having lost their bones. She relies on diagnostic notes—vital signs, presenting symptoms, body condition scores—to gather evidence, but her analytical nature gets her no closer to stopping the horrors she encounters. When Grey attempts to recruit her husband Caspian, also a veterinarian, to her cause, he chooses to instead suture a dead dolphin’s fins onto his own body and disappear into the ocean. Left alone in this suddenly-mythological landscape, where livestock are depleted and crops lack pollinators, girls build museums out of what pets have left behind, horses gather in the millions, beavers try to dam the ocean, Grey must wander in search of answers as to how, and why, this pain endures, before all the creatures she loves the most have disappeared.




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