Hi, I'm Joel Hans.

I'm a writer, teacher, and developer of things related to writing and teaching on the web.

Joel Hans

I'm equal parts prose and code.

I share my experiences on educating developers through the intersection between documentation, technical writing, and development via a smattering of articles.

Right now I work at Netdata, a monitoring startup for granular, real-time metrics on any system. I do a little bit of everything there, like improving the developer experience via documentation and educational content, developing React components, and promoting new features. Before that, I launched a growth-centric copywriting consultancy called Nurse Media. After a few years, I landed some fantastic clients like IBM, Red Hat, and Autodesk.

I write fiction, mostly short stories, although I'm at work on a novel about light pollution, constellations, and forgetting.

Find me on Twitter, GitHub, or LinkedIn.