What I'm doing now

December 2021


I've been up to quite a bit since my last update.

In November, I launched a new copywriting business focused on open-source companies & startups—Commit Copy—after stumbling across the idea at the beginning of the month. I was working through a "challenge" organized by The Copywriter Club, and was focused on defining my niche, when I realized that my experience in open source is one of my unique differentiators as a copywriter. I understand the unique challenges these businesses face, and I've worked in every facet of marketing them: web copy, content marketing, email, documentation, community, and so on.

No more Nurse Media! I'm pretty excited to move beyond the name, which wasn't as valuable as I'd once thought it could be. While the whole nurse tree thing was fun, it didn't really mesh that well with the type of copywriting business I wanted to run in 2021 and beyond.

I wonder if I should change the name of my LLC to something other than Nurse Media now...

Both my daughters caught COVID at the beginning of November, the younger having picked it up from daycare, but fortunately they're both just fine. I can't recommend taking care of two toddlers while trying to launch a new venture, but the work got done eventually.

Still working on that novel. Almost done. Agents beware...

Reading Lincoln Michel's The Body Scout.

August 2021

We're in the middle of a pretty phenomenal monsoon here in Tucson, Arizona—this July was the single wettest month on record—so the desert is particularly green and lush. I've been enjoying that as much as time allows, mountain biking and running and frog-hunting and taking pictures of old plants with new growth.

My younger daughter turned 1 in the end of July. She's walking now, reminding me of just how far you can go even when your steps are short, and you fall often.

Working on the fourth draft of my novel, The Commission of Dark, in my fourth year of working on it. Both the most grueling draft and year yet.

I'm in the process of rebuilding my copywriting and copy consultancy, Nurse Media, after taking a two-year break to work full-time at an infrastructure monitoring startup. I'm excited to apply everything I learned—the intersection between documentation, technical writing, and educational products—to some new efforts for both myself and others.

Speaking of which, I'm beginning to dig into a much larger project around how writing on the web could be a hell of a lot better, and that maybe MDX is the future I've been waiting for. I'm starting to see the closing of a loop that began 10 years ago, all about how writers can be more productive, creative, and influential when writing for the web. More on this soon.

Reading Brian Evenson's Song for the Unraveling of the World.