A collection of my published fiction from 2010 to today. Links where stories still survive. Fiction was my first 'destination' in writing, and is still the place where I put most of my creativity.


“A Man, His Oblations”No Tokens, republished online from Issue No. 2


“The Aunt of Everything” – West Branch, issue 88 (print only; buy a copy)

“First it Was the Brushfires” — Puerto del Sol, Vol. 53.1 The Science Issue (print only; buy a copy)


“Does Yours Have a Heart, Too?"Green Mountains Review


“Evaporation”The Adroit Journal

“The Boomslang Coup”The Masters Review

“Jackalope”Noble / Gas Quarterly

“Ghosts of Wildly Different Species” — Eleven Eleven, issue 21 (print only)


“Whisperingbird” & “Hellhound” & “Astral Glider”New South

“Apatosaurus”Atticus Review

“Ochre Unicorn” — Yemassee (print only)

“Black-Clawed Rapturus” & “Sea Elephant” & “Giant Beaver” — Sundog Lit, Issue 8 (print only)

“Once There Was an Upside-Down Girl”Booth: A Journal

“Crepuscular Bear” & “Tree Needler” & “Thick-Skinned Buffali” — Caketrain, Issue 12 (print only)

“Opal Feldwing” & “Gray Flix” & “Martian Globules”Wyvern Lit

“Cardinine, Seafoamyst, Morningite”West Branch

“Humongous Doubleray” & “Planet” & “Protenean Amoeba”Noble / Gas Qtrly


“A Man, His Oblations” — No Tokens, issue 2 (print only)

“The Harras’ Surveyance”Spork Press

“The Great Horned Owls’ Beheadings”Big Lucks

“Ghosts in the Termini”fwriction : review

“Darkest Spots in the Galaxy”The Collapsar

“The Ouachita Map Turtle’s Fissure” — Pear Noir!, issue 10 (out of print)

“The Hummingbird’s Anti-Torpor”Spartan, Winter Issue


“Subsoil” — Redivider 11.1 (print only)

“If You Look Long Enough You See That Everything Is A-Passing”Psychopomp Magazine

“Day 4,372”Necessary Fiction

“The Holstein’s Stillborn”Pithead Chapel

“The Warbler’s Necropsy”Nashville Review

“Factor VIII” — The Ampersand Review

“The Blinding in Horticulture, Texas” — Fringe Magazine


“Dig” — The Lindenwood Review

“Panthera”Valparaiso Fiction Review

“Fear of—” — Owen Wister Review


“Dossiers” — Word Riot