A hefty forthcoming


I don't think my Forthcoming fiction as ever been as robust as it is right now.

“An Interrogation of the Official State Fossil of Indiana” — Cotton Xenomorph

“When Stars Are Just Stars” — Peatsmoke

“A Protest of Tortoise” — Gone Lawn

“On Return from the Land Where One Never Dies” — The Journal

“The Bedtime Emptying of Our World” — Pidgeonholes (also a finalist in the 2023 Flash Frog Blue Frog contest)

“Two Decorated Skulls in the Miramonte Swamp” — Story, Issue 16

After writing about how lively 2023 has been for my fiction, I've gotten more acceptances from Gone Lawn, Peatsmoke, and Cotton Xenomorph! It's been a lovely remedy for the odd fear that I had a month or two ago: all my work would get published and I'd have nothing on the horizon again. I'm safe now—at least through summer.

I'm also feeling accomplished—one of my goals for this year was to publish at least as much as I had last year, which was five. Not because publishing a certain number of stories is important to me, but because I wanted proof I was at least maintaining the momentum I'd started in early 2022, returning to the short form and giving myself time away from the novel.

With three published this year already, and six more currently on the way, I've really set myself up for failure in 2024.