Collided moons and brotherhood in Fractured Lit


In likely my fastest draft-to-publication cycle ever, my story, “Once, Three Brothers Guided Two Moons Across the Sky”, is now live on Fractured Lit!

I first drafted this story in April 2023 for SmokeLong Fitness, the ongoing community workshop I've been participating in since September of last year, and received not just amazing critique of the story to guide my revisions, but also essential encouragement from Melissa Llanes Brownlee. It was exactly what I needed to follow the energy I'd created, implement the revisions I needed to get this story to better match my vision, and then get it out the door rather than sit on it, unnecessarily, for weeks or months.

I can't say enough about the extraordinary value of SmokeLong Fitness. Most importantly, I've met dozens of incredible new friends through the rotating critique groups, which isn't just invaluable, but entirely what this whole writing thing is about—becoming part of a community and finding others to walk along this long and harrowing road of being a writer. I can also attribute 8 publications, out this year or still forthcoming, directly to the prompts, critiques, and encouragement found in Fitness.

I can't recommend it enough.

Really grateful to editor Tommy Dean and the rest of the Fractured Lit staff for the chance for my story to appear where I've read so many of my flash and micro favorites over the years!