New piece today: "Attn: Butchers & Locksmiths"


Really excited to have a new piece of prose in hex literary, a relatively new online litmag for all things weird. They've already published some favorites of mine, like A.A. Balaskovits, Wendy Oleson, and Jose Hernandez Diaz, so I'm really happy to have joined their ranks.

Aside from the excitement of publishing something at all, it's nice to have published something new for the first time in many years. Before today, the most recent new publication was my story “The Aunt of Everything” in West Branch—all the way back in 2018. I've been writing prose/fiction this whole time, but mostly on this novel, which seems to be going somewhere and nowhere at the same time, so it's good to feel momentum again.

I have a lot of other small pieces of prose in the works—but as submissions and drafts—that I hope to get out there someday soon.

Go read "Attn: Butchers & Locksmiths"!