‘Prepare to Die’ over at Cartridge Lit


This piece was retrieved from an old archive of my online writing—there will likely be some rough edges!

Enormously happy to release Cartridge Lit‘s first chapbook, PREPARE TO DIE, by the wonderfully talented Jess Jenkins. It’s a wonderful collection of poems and I am remarkably grateful for the opportunity to bring it into the world. I hope people enjoy the design of it. I worked hard on that part of things.

One of the best surprises in the whole process was learning that Jess had just graduated in the spring from the very same MFA program that I started this fall. I had no idea when we accepted the chapbook that she ran in many of the same circles I run in now, and that many of my current classmates have read portions of the chapbook when it was in progress. It feels extra special to help bring all that work and collaboration to life.