Ready for some 'Meal Prep'?


It's been a long, long time since I've written something that might be considered a prose poem. Much less published one.

Maybe “Whisperingbird”?

Two-thousand and fifteen?

Well, the spell has been broken: “Meal Prep” will appear in Nurture this fall.

For the last few months, I've been working on a growing collection of fabulist/surreal prose poems that I'm tentatively calling the Rarities. Those who have found that they're able to communicate with animals—not through speech or anything anthropomorphic, but rather this ancient idea that we once participated in an ongoing conversation with all living things. The original version of "talking animals."

Bonus points when these pieces include anything to do with parents and their children, which “Meal Prep” does!

Hoping to continue writing and publishing these odd little pieces. It's returning me to the energy of the Endlings Era of 2014-2015, where I wrote wild and strange and lyrical prose and loved every second of it.

Between this and a home for the princess, it's been a pretty phenomenal week for my writing.

Brimming with confidence. Ready to do more.